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Terms and Conditions

The term ‘Contractor’ shall mean Zest Property Services Ltd. The term ‘Client’ shall mean the person or persons who have authorised the contract.

Expiry of Estimate: estimates are valid for 30 days from submission date, after which the contractor reserves the right to withdraw the current estimate and submit a revised version.

Additional Work: where additional work is requested outside the original estimate, it will be charged at the current standard rate in a man hour basis unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Contract and payment: for larger pieces of work, a payment plan and a contract will be drafted for approval following acceptance of the estimate. The terms and conditions of the contract supersede those contained within this document. For smaller works, the terms and conditions stated herein apply and payment terms shall be 50% prior to works commencing and 50% on practical completion of works.

Deposit: in absence of a separate contract, a 50% deposit is required prior to booking of the works and the balance on practical completion of works.

Cancellation: we require 24 hours (working day i.e. Mon-Fri) notice. If less than 24 hours notice of cancellation is given, then Zest reserve the right to levy a charge of 50% of the quoted / listed price of the job.

Site Conditions: the contract price is based on site conditions remaining unchanged from those present during the estimating site visit. This includes physical access and free uninterrupted access once work is in progress. Furthermore this estimate assumes that there will be access to water, electricity, ablutions as required (not always necessary) to fulfil the quoted jobs.
Private Covenants: the investigation of private covenants shall not be the responsibility of the contractor.

Underground Services: unless the exact location of underground pipes, wires or cables are clearly marked on site, or are detailed on a plan, prior to the formation of the Contract, the Contractor shall be under no liability for any damage through work performed under the Contract.

Completion of Contract: completion of contract is totally dependent on weather conditions. Work operations delayed by poor weather will be resumed as soon as conditions allow.

Paint: all standard decorating and painting is based on standard white matt emulsion for walls and ceilings, and white eggshell enamel for woodwork. Zest Property Services Ltd will not be responsible for the peeling of existing lining/wall paper that the client has instructed to be painted over.

Parking: parking for the duration of the work is to be arranged by the client and is for the client’s own account, unless otherwise stated on our estimate.

Guarantee of Works: our works are guaranteed for six months from the date of completion. Please note that this applies only to the work that we have undertaken and any direct snags. Should our work be damaged due to no fault of our own, this would not be covered under the guarantee, i.e. ceiling and paint work carried out by Zest Property Services Ltd damaged due to a leak.

Cracks in the walls and ceiling due to the settling of the works and slight movement and temperature changes are not covered by the guarantee. Please note that for larger contracts the guarantees will vary e.g. for certain boilers we offer a 5 year guarantee and on certain roofing jobs we will offer up to 15 years guarantee.

Damages & Protection of Private Property: it is the responsibility of the owner and/or tenants to move/remove and/or protect all personal and/or other property, equipment and/or items which may be damaged or effected by dust and/or moving of working equipment which may be required in order for Zest Property Services Ltd to carry out the agreed work. Zest Property Services Ltd cannot be responsible for any damages and/or dust caused during agreed works being carried out.

Access to Property: it is the responsibility of the owner and/or tenant to ensure access to the property is provided as per the agreed date/s and time/s. Any costs incurred due to lack of access to the property will be charged to the Client.

Cleaning: please note that we will always conduct a builders’ clean following works however this does not amount to a full domestic clean.